our activities and initiatives

Synergy in Motion

The Eindhoven Startup Alliance supports a variety of initiatives that mobilize our unique deep-tech knowledge, industry expertise and networks to stimulate entrepreneurship.

core activities & Initiatives

In 2017, HighTechXL expanded to Shanghai, China and created a global platform to accelerate startups and establish corporate innovation programs.

HighTechXL and XNode provide high-quality Chinese localization services to startups and entrepreneurs and connect them to top notch domestic and international stakeholders. Xnode is also a co-working space, where they bring together Chinese and international entrepreneurs to exchange ideas.

XNode is now expanding to Shenzen, China and Singapore to work with startups with ambitions to expand to the China market.

Startup acceleration and support

Eindhoven Startup Alliance is based at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, a research campus renowned worldwide as the center of Dutch high-tech innovation and the Smartest Square Kilometer in the World.

Deep Tech Venture

We source the latest innovations from the world’s top research institutes, then build new ventures around that deep tech.


We attract and develop talent through our various educational programs (e.g., traineeships, internships, corporate entrepreneurial talent development, founder journey, tech MBA).

Community Building & Events

We organize events on technology, innovation and entrepreneurship including events on High Tech Campus Eindhoven, such as Drinks, Pitches & Demos, Innovation Circle and other community gatherings.

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