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Everyone loves to communicate, and that’s a problem as well as an opportunity

HighTechXL acceleration manager Luis Oliveira gave the Aircision pitch at the December HighTechXL XLDay, noting that the exploding demand for communications capacity threatens to over whelm conventional telecom infrastructure.

By 2026, the amount of data transferred by cellphones is expected to be 10 times higher than today. About 96 percent of world population doesn’t have access to high-speed internet. SpaceX, Google and Facebook have different concepts,including satellites related to providing connectivity to the entire world.

“The existing telecommunications infrastructure is simply not enough. We’re going to need a lot more cell towers,” Oliveira said. Those cell towers will connect via microwave and/or fiber optics, but both have issues including build-out costs.

The telecom industry is looking for alternatives including free-space optics. Which is where Aircision comes in. Aircision uses CERN’s structured laser beam technology which Oliveira called “fiber optics through the air.” Aircision’s technology covers a greater distance and can supply eight times more bandwidth than the best of the conventional telecom technology, he said.

If you’re thinking a lot of companies will be interested, you’d be right. Chinese wireless and telecommunications giant Huawei “wanted to connect us to their investment arm,”Oliveira said. But his team’s strategy is first to partner with an engineering firm, then sell products to telecoms.

The Aircision details:

Needs: 2.5 million euros to build its prototype

The potential market: 33.7 billion euros

Aircision’s piece of the action: 260 million euros in projected revenue by 2024

Potential clients/partners. Airision is talking with executives at Huawei, Vodafone, KPN and other telecommunications companies.

The Plan: The Aircision team wants to have its first commercial deployment by Q3 2019.


The Aircision Team includes:

Guus Frericks,Netherlands

‍Jeroen Aerts, Netherlands

Edzard Janssens,Netherlands

John Reid, United Kingdom

Guido van Katweijk,Netherlands

Martijn Boerkamp,Netherlands

Luis Oliveira, Portugal


Eddy Allefs from NTSGroup, Netherlands

Jeroen Aerts from ASLM,Netherlands

Betsy Lindsey, United States

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