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Incooling team uses CERN technology for CO2 in-chip cooling system to rival IBM, NVDIA

HightechXL trainee HelenaSamodurova gave the pitch for Incooling, which uses CERN’s CO2 coolingtechnology.

Digital giants such as Facebook, Google and Apple are creating vast amounts of data they need toprocess, “and they need to process fast,” Samodurova said. “Why? Because weusers expect our computers, phones and tablets to be way faster than the yearbefore.”

So far, the semiconductorindustry has met those expectations, but Gordon Moore’s prediction that chipmemory would double every 18 months, with prices cut in half, is hitting thewall, she said.

To cope with consumerexpectations, chip makers have come up with all sorts of new approaches tosolving the problems of the increased heat that comes with increased power andenergy waste.

At least one company,NVIDIA, has come up with a “super-server” that has the power of 300 servers inone box. “Believe me, it’s fast, but that comes at a price, because half theenergy it uses goes to waste,” Samodurova said. NVIDIA has created acomplicated system to cool the processor. IBM also created a low-pressuresystem to cool their high-performance chips.

With CERN, Incooling hasdeveloped an on-chip technology on the way to an in-chip cooling solution thatstacks chips with cooling in between, tech that uses high-pressure (700 bars)CO2 pumped through nano-tubes the width of a hair. That allows increased clockspeed as heat capture increases thermal stability by 10 times.

“Ladies and gentlemen, that’swhat we call here ‘deep-tech,'” Samodurova said.


The Incooling details:

The potential market: $284 millionmarket projected to grow to $2 billion in just 4 years.

Business plan: Target largecompanies such as IBM. The team projects having its first product by 2020, within-chip cooling by 2021.

Needs: The Incoolingteam needs to raise 500,000 euros in 2019, and $5 million to launch in2020, including capital to expand the team.

Partners: ASML, CERN, NTSGroup and NIKHEF


Incooling team members include:

Rudie Verweij,Netherlands

Helena Samodurova, Latvia

Karen Huaracha Magaña,Mexico

Ramon Haken, Netherlands

Pieter Smorenberg,Netherlands

Guus Frericks,Netherlands

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